Annihilate F-A3

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1. Unique shape, 100% integrally-cast, more reliable and stable.

2. Thick Joint, 10mm, can withstand even more weight but doesn't break.

3. Exclusive Patent- "6-position adjuster", to achieve your expected angle in one step. More flexible.

4. Reverse thread screw-in design, could avoid loosen and hurt the user 


Annihilate F-A3 shovel

Annihilate F-A3, unique in its design pattern and powerfulness in its function, can effectively conduce to setting tool-lacking problems in the field activities and reduce the sudden physical threats outdoors.

Annihilate F-A3, adopts precise foundry technology, which is made of martensitic stainless steel by 100% moulding and casting. The shovel face is designed from thin to the thick, so the max wall thickness is 10mm, which can bare over 400kg. The independently developed "6-position shift keys" can make the shovel toward your expected angle in one step.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service!

I would buy from you again.

John G.
Amazing shovel

It the stronger shovel I ever got. I recommend this to everyone and especially for professionals.
Thank you NSO Gear for your guidance and your honest help!

Best tactical shovel ever

Super durable metal and easy to use! I will never again go out alone!