First Aid+Survival Kit

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The first aid kit is not only a necessary safety item for the car, but also a safety guarantee for outdoor sports. It can also be used for daily bruises and bruises in the daily life of the family. Especially for families with old people and children, first aid kits with various high standard professional first aid items will definitely be useful.


Product Features

Product Name
New Type Travel Outdoor Emergency Medical Survival Bag First Aid Kit
NSO Gear


1> Multi-function pliers x 1pc
2> Wipes x 10pcs
3> Alcohol tablets x 10pcs
4> Iodophor tablets x 10pcs
5> Bandage x 1pc
6> Pin x 10pcs
7> Tape x 2pcs
8> Flintstone x 1pc
9> Flashlight x 1pc
10> Folding knife x 1pc
11> Whistle x 1pc
12> Wire saw x 1pc
13> Multi-function knife card x 1pc
14> Scorpion x 1pc
15> Single-sided compass x 1pc
16> Scissors  x 1pc
17> Band-Aid x 10pcs
18> Medical gloves x 1pc
19> Double-headed cotton swab x 2 pack
20> Gauze bandage x 2pc
21> Lifesaving blanket x 1pc
22> Triangle towel x 1pc
23> Fish hook x 2pcs
24> Fishing gear connector x 2pc
25> Fish-shaped bait x 1pc
26> Plumb bob x 2pcs
27> Fish float x 2pcs
28> Fishing line x 1pc
29> Breathing mask x 1pc
30> Medical bag x 1pc

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