Metal L4 G24 Helmet Mount NVG

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  • 100% Brand New
  • Color: Dark Earth
  • Material Construction: Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metal.
  • Designed to provide a solid mounting platform with multiple adjustment points.
  • One handed operation.
  • Low Profile shape on the helmet.
  • Attach NVG dummy like PVS15 / 18 (Op type Mount shroud was not included).
  • Fit for OPS Core Shroud / Fast Base Jump Helmet / Standard Mich Mount Base.
  • This NVG Mounting System is unique that it provides two modes of operation. 
  • The G24 has the famous breakaway feature that provides the wearer the protection from neck or head injury.
  • The first mode allows the mount to “break away” from the base under a stressed condition such as getting snagged during fast roping or hitting a hard object when entering or exiting a vehicle or building. With this breakaway feature serious neck injuries and equipment damage can be minimized or avoided.
  • The second mode allows the Universal NVG Mount to securely lock the mount to the base.
  • Breakaway Feature allows Mount to Break Away under Stress, or to Securely Lock in Place by Means of a Breakaway Lever.
  • Lock Release Lever allows NVG height to be easily adjusted up or down, then secured.
  • A Mount Release Lever allows the operator to easily set the desirable mode (breakaway or locked), depending upon operational needs.
  • An ergonomically placed Flip Release Button allows the Mount to "fip up" to a stowed position when the goggle is attached. This pivot mechanism is simple and robust by design and cannot loosen over time.
  • A Tilt Adjustment Knob allows the operator to fine adjust the tilt angle of the NVG.
  • A Fore/Aft Release Lever allows for fore/aft travel of the goggle. Releasing the lever allows the operator to set the fore/aft position of the goggle.
  • An ergonomically placed NVG Release Button allows for one handed release of the NVG.
  • Dimensions (Operational) 3.98” L x 2.60” W x 2.40” H.
  • Weight (G24 Mount Only) .36 lb (5.76 oz).
  • Vertical Height Adjustment: .900” Total Travel.
  • Fore/Aft Travel: 1.10” Total Travel. 
  • One piece L4 G24 NVG Mount