Annihilate F-A1

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Product description

Zune Lotoo-Annihilate F-A1 bad kid is a tool specially designed for military fans, tactical zealots as well as jungle explorers,etc. 

Product Details 

  • Shove head:   High-carbon stell, sheet metal process, high hardness and durable. 
  • Shovel point:   Triangle concave design, can decrease resistance effectively when dig and shovel. 
  • Handle:   aircraft aluminum with surface oxidation, light weight and high intensity. delicate pattern design can increase friction bewteen hand and handle, with anti-skid function. Avoid injury when using. 
  • Joint:   Threaded lock adjustment, manual homing is solid and reliable 

Multifunction & Versatility 

  • Shovel:Chisel/Shovel/Chop/Dig/Hack/Hook/Hoe/Cut/Trench/Plier/Shear/Hammer/Axe 
  • Bottle Opener:   Open the beer and enjoy your drink after work. 
  • Fire Starter:   Made of Magnesium, easy to use for making fire, perfect for outdoor adventure. 
  • Ruler:   With gauge length of 7 cm, you can make accurate measurement. 
  • Outdoor handknife/handsaw:   Multifunctions, can scale a fish, cue meat, greatly enhance survival ability, detachable. 
  • Survival whistle:   Blow it when encounter danger or need help in outdoor, detachable. 
  • Camera support:   Screw-tightening, detachable, can match with digital camera and DSLR. 


  • shove material:  High-carbon steel 
  • Handle material:  Aviation aluminum 
  • Assemble length:  755mm/29.7in 
  • Handle length:  520mm/20.5in 
  • Package:  box 
  • Dimension:  400mm* 185mm*80mm 
  • Accessories:  fire stick, whistle,multifunctional knife, camera support