Celox A Haemostatic Applicator 6G Plunger (8599-2)

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How does Celox™ work?
Celox™ is an innovative new hemostat designed to bond with specific sites which are present on the surface of red blood cells and platelets to make a gel like clot /plug. This process is totally different from the body’s normal clotting mechanisms. Anticoagulants such as heparin and warfarin (often sold as Coumadin) can interfere with the body’s normal clotting process. They often delay blood clotting times. Hyperthermia is also well known to delay clotting. As Celox™ works independently of the normal clotting process, its clotting ability is not affected by the presence of anticoagulants or by cold temperature. Laboratory testing has confirmed that Celox™ quickly clots blood containing heparin or warfarin (Coumadin). It has also shown that Celox™ also quickly clots blood which has been cooled to simulate hypothermia.

Celox A:
  • The Celox applicator is a specifically designed delivery system that gives you an easy, safe and effective way to stop life-threatening bleeding from difficult to treat penetrating trauma.
  • The instinctive applicator allows you to get the Celox granules through a small entry wound, directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds. The applicator is vacuum packed, sterile and lightweight, and can be easily stored within your existing trauma pouch
  • For knife, bullet and any other penetrating wound, the Celox Applicator does what Celox does best – stops bleeding and saves lives