Multi-functional survival stick

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  • Material: 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Color: black
  • Length: 192mm
  • Net weight: 63g
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Fishing line length: 375mm
  • Packing: bubble bag packaging

Introduction to the nine functions Fire, defense, screwdriver, help, multi-function knife, fishing, attack, cut rope, broken window

1. Defence. A variety of defense features. Multi-functional fishing fire stick, made of aluminum alloy, with multiple functions

2. Attack. Counterattack at a dangerous moment. The tactical bar has a tungsten steel window breaker. Because of its high density, it can be used to attack, which can cause a certain degree of damage, so that the target can temporarily lose its ability to fight back. High-density tungsten steel can easily scratch scratches on glass and steel plates, and can easily break the window and escape the window.

3. Compass. Make sure your direction. This versatile fishing stick features a compass function that ensures accuracy in the field and looks for the right direction.

4. Survive whistle. Dangerous moments blew. When the field is lost or in the event of an accident, you can blow the whistle for help, so that the rescuer can better determine your location information and be rescued.

5. Emergency repair. A word cone. On an outdoor trip or on a tourist road, if you encounter a malfunction, it will help you better in your daily life.

6. Fishing. Survival in the wild. It has a unique feature, with its own fishing function, which can be used for fishing during outdoor activities to supplement food.

7. Comes with a lanyard. Prevent loss. The lanyard can prevent the loss, and it can also be wrapped around the hand and firmly fixed on the top for easy grip.

8. Wild life. Magnesium metal fire stick. A good helper to survive in the wild, just in case of outdoor adventure.

9. Sharp knife. Multi-function knife. It is convenient for cutting items in outdoor activities, and slaughtering of fish.

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