Pulsar EDGE GS 1X20 Night Vision Goggles

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Pulsar EDGE GS 1X20 Night Vision Goggles with Helmet Mount Kit 90m Hunting Night Vision Binoculars For Outdoor Night Observe



1)At the core of the Edge GS 1x20 Night Vision Goggles is the unique combination of specially designed R-Contact optics and the CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube, created specifically for each other such that they will not work with any other system. The result of this exclusive technological development is the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance ever seen in a budget consumer NV product. 2)The goggles are outfitted with new objective lens that minimize distortion on the edges of the field of view and increase sharpness and contrast of the image. 3)The soft rubber eyecups conceal the light emission from the tube thus permitting a user to stay unnoticed. 4)The goggles are outfitted with an IR illuminator necessary for normal observation in moonless cloudy conditions in total darkness. 5)The goggles are equipped with a 1/4'' socket which allows them to be fixed on the included head mount . 6)The goggles are fully self-contained and can work up to 50 hours on two AAA batteries at temperatures varying from -20 ºC to + 40 ºC. 7)Your NV Goggles are ideal for professional and amateur use, including: Night observation in natural environment Search and rescue Night orienteering Repair and maintenance of equipment Hunting


1)Type of image intensifier tube: CF-Super/EP33-SF-U 2)Magnification: 1x 3)Objective lens: F27/1,35mm 4)Resolution in the centre FOV, lp/mm, min: 36 5)Angular field of view: 36 degree 6)Max. detection range: 90m/98yds 7)Eyepiece adjustment, diopter: ±4 8)Eye relief: 12mm 9)Operating voltage: 3V (2XAAA) 10)Tripod mount: ¼ inch 11)Av. operation time with 2 AAA batteries, (IR off/on): 50h / 20h 12)Operating temperature: -20 °C~+40 °C / -4 °F~+104 °F 13)Dimensions: Length : 163mm / 6.4inch Width: 113mm / 4.4inch Height: 60mm / 2.4inch 14)Weight of the unit: 0.65kg / 22.9oz 15)Weight of the head mount: 0.2kg / 7oz 16)IR Wavelength: 805nm 17)Equivalent IR Power: 30mW

Package Contents:

1)NV Goggles EDGE GS 1x20 2)Head mount * 3)Carrying case 4)User manual 5)Cleaning cloth 6)Warranty card *Delivered with Night Vision EDGE GS 1x20 Head Mount Kit