NSO Gear B2B Terms and Conditions

**NSO Gear B2B Terms and Conditions**

**1. Target Audience:**
We extend our B2B offerings to adventure companies, military and camping shops, as well as organizations and unions involved in outdoor activities and military training facilities.

**2. Product Selection:**
Our B2B terms cover all products available in our online catalogue. Special requests for relevant products in the same sector are also accommodated.

**3. Volume-Based Discounts:**
Enjoy a standard 30% discount on retail prices. We offer the flexibility to increase the discount percentage based on the order volume of specific product codes.

**4. Minimum Order Quantity:**
For initial B2B purchases, the minimum order value is 300 euros. To maintain an active B2B account, a minimum annual order of 900 euros is required.

**5. Customization Options:**
Branding and special packaging can be tailored to your requirements upon request, enhancing your brand identity.

**6. Payment Terms:**
We accept payment in advance for all B2B orders. The payment process will be facilitated through secure payment gateways.

**7. Turnaround Time:**
For available products, expect a lead time of 2-3 business days for preparation and an additional 1-2 business days for delivery to the nearest ACS courier shop. For non-stock products, a lead time of 3-4 weeks for preparation and 2-3 days for delivery to your premises is anticipated, dependent on order volume.

**8. Delivery and Shipping:**
For lower volume orders, shipping will be conducted through ACS courier. For higher volume orders, specific shipping options will be determined based on final order volume.

**09. B2B Customer Support:**
For all B2B inquiries, orders, and assistance, kindly contact our dedicated team at b2b@nsogear.com.