NSO Gear B2B Registration Process

**NSO Gear B2B Registration Process**

1. B2B customers initiate the registration process by visiting the Create Account page

2. During registration, B2B customers will need to provide essential information, including company name, contact person, email, phone number, and business type.

3. Once registered, B2B customers will be required to send an email to b2b@nsogear.com to request a change of their account status to a business account. This email should include:
- A valid Business Registration Number.
- A TAX ID Number.

4. B2B customers should also include documentation in the email to verify their legitimacy. This documentation should be either a photo of their physical store or their website.

5. A designated B2B representative will review the registration request. They will contact the applicant through the provided contact details to verify the registration process. The representative will then either approve or disapprove the request based on verification.

6. Communication regarding the status of the registration will be carried out through the provided contact details, including email and phone (landline and mobile phone).

7. Upon approval, B2B customers will receive a unique discount code that is linked to their business profile. This code will grant them access to discounted pricing and other B2B features on the website.
- For online orders, B2B customers can apply the provided discount code during the checkout process.
- For manual orders, customers can send an email to place their order, providing details such as product description, product code, color, size, and quantity.

8. B2B customers will have a dedicated account where they can log in to view their orders, track shipments, and manage their information.

9. Data privacy and security during the registration process will be maintained according to the privacy policy outlined on the Privacy Policy page.

10. No specific terms and conditions agreement is required during the registration process.

11. For any questions or issues related to the registration process, B2B customers can reach out to the dedicated email address b2b@nsogear.com.

12. Feedback on the registration process can be provided by B2B customers using the Your Opinion Counts page.