Earplugs - EARMOR Communication Headphones M32H-ARC Foliage Green

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Earplugs - EARMOR Communication Headphones Μ32H-ARC Foliage Green


The EARMOR M32H are active electronic earmuffs that provide the ability to communicate, ideal for business use.
They allow the user to listen to the sounds of the environment while at the same time protecting it from dangerous noises.
The sounds are detected by two directional microphones and played by the speakers inside the covers.
Harmful sounds are limited to the safe level of 82dB and the lower ones are amplified.
Features a Nexus TP-120 U-174 Military Standard Connector (NATO STD) for PTTs (Not compatible with Ztac PTTs) 

The EARMOR M32 helps the user to have seamless communication even in deafening combat situations.

* Accidental activation prevention system : Press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds to turn on / off. *

The EARMOR M32H Model is based on the EARMOR M32 electronic earmuffs but comes with special bases for fitting a helmet with ARC rails.



- Low profile design for headphones
- Nexus TP-120 U-174 military plug (NATO STD) for PTT - Noise reduction rating +
NRR22 -
Amplifies low-pitched sounds
- Suppresses harmful noise over 82 dB EMI / RFI, enhanced RF immunity for EMI environment - Adjustable ear pads for ultimate sealing - High strength 3 mm thick polycarbonate shell - Dynamic voice monitoring, improved speech comprehension - Foldable for storage and operation - 5 in water protection - IPX with AAA batteries 2 × 1.5V, approx. 350 operating hours - 4-hour automatic shut-off mechanism

- Tested and approved according to CE / RoSH / ANSI standards S3.19-1974 / EN352-1: 2002 / EN352-4: 2001 / A1: 2005 / EN352-5: 2002 / A1: 2005 / EN352-6: 2002 / FCC

Dimensions: 15.90 cm x 11.50 cm x 15.20 cm
Weight: 545 g

* PTT WARNING : These electronic earmuffs are compatible with the standard NATO Nexus TP120 socket.
                                                      Use the EARMOR PTT or military PTT. 
                                                      NOT compatible with PTT ZTac / Element.

Earplugs - EARMOR Communication Headphones Μ32H-ARC Foliage Green

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