Career Opportunities

We’re expanding our company and we're looking for new talents to help NSO Gear as a brand.

We're looking for:

Social Media Manager - Are you our new talent who will bring the social media strategy of NSO Gear to the next level in order to give our customers the most outstanding experience? Do you love working with Facebook and Instagram marketing and influencers? We would like to meet you soon!

Graphical Designer - Design isn’t just the way something looks, it’s also the feeling you get with a product or a brand. To bring this experience to the next level we are looking for a designer, who is both Graphical and Product focused. So, can we dare you to optimize both our graphics and products?

Customer Service Manager - Customer service is definitely the most important aspect of our online business. To make sure the customer service department can handle our growth, we are looking for a manager to streamline the customer service and make it an outstanding experience.

If you are interested in joining NSO Gear team. Email us at