Collection: Gift Card


By purchasing a Gift Card from NSO Gear ltd, you are essentially paying an amount you choose to use at markets anytime you want or you can gift it to your loved ones to buy what they want.

Choose the amount you are interested in, fill in the recipient's email and add the Gift Card to your cart. Once in your cart, confirm the recipient's email and click Continue. Fill in your details and review and then pay. The only payment method available is the credit card. Once the payment of the amount you have selected is confirmed, you will automatically activate the Gift Card which the recipient will receive by email. Once the email is received the Gift Card can be redeemed immediately.


  • The card can only be purchased with a credit card or Paypal.
  • It must be perfectly correct that the email you have entered otherwise the recipient will not be able to receive the Gift Card.
  • The Gift Card is only issued in electronic form.
  • In order for the gift card to be used the products must be of equal value or higher (shipping costs are not included in the Gift Card).
  • The Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. After the expiry of the time the amount is not refundable.

Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other payment system.