G3 Tactical Tri-Rail Handguard System Fit HK G3

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One-Piece Tactical Tri-Rail Handguard for G3 and Compatibles MNT-TG3TR. This quality all metal handguard is a great option for those that want a tri-rail system for a great price.

  • Adopts Original Handguard Dimensions for Most Solid and Secure Fit 
  • 29 Slots Each on Left, Right and Bottom Rails made 100% Aluminum and Steel
  • Perfect Fit on Both Original German Versions & In Spec US Clones
  • Friendly Installation, No Gunsmithing Required, On In Spec Firearms
  • Fits the full length hand guard (11") PTR G3, 91 models.
  • Will also fit in spec CETME firearms.
  • Overall length 12"
  • Weight 498.4g