Level 3A Body Armor Plates set

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 Colour black
 Material SIC &PE

Multi shot capability

 Weight 2.4kg (Two plates)
 Size 250*300mm 
Ballistic Performance Level 3A stand alone



Weight: 2.4±0.05 KG (1.2Kg per plate)
Size: 250 x 300 x 22mm (10' x 12')
Protection Level:  Level 3A Stand Alone
Armor Type: SIC & PE Composite Armor
Performance: Multi shot capability
Shape: Shooter's cut design
Finishing: With Sponge seal to ensure comfort fitting, wrapped and sealed with waterproof cover

Note: The vest is not included.

If you wish to buy also the vest please click on the following link and send us a message in order to get a discount.