NIJ IIIA 3A Concealable Under Shirt Twaron Aramid Bulletproof Covert

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Our Ballistic vest can be the best choice for VIP, Officers, law enforcer. Covert design, Light weight, Comfortable performance with Excellent quality and below features;
1. Reliable ballistic performance, qualified with all levels of USA NIJ IIA, NIJ II and NIJ IIIA standard 0101.06.
2. Excellent range of Concealable vest available for Concealed purpose. Safer for special wearers, such as VIP, Officers, law enforcement offices and Police.
3. With No More Than 36mm BFS (Trauma)--With Normal and Environmental/Conditional Test Report From HP. White From USA
4. Meticulous sewing, superior quality
5, Excellent "Froggie Chest" Design, ergonomical deisgn to human body.
6, With 6 points size adjustable velcro.
7, Built with front band back hidden pockets for standard 10'' x 12'' hard armor upgrade
Protection level:  All Bullets Listed in the NIJ IIA, NIJ II and NIJ IIIA 0101.06 Standard
Protection performance:     Can resist .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN)/9MM FMJ RN bullets and .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets and MANY MORE. Designed with Multi shots capability.
Material:           Carrier layer—  Made of Poly-cotton fabric, which has abilities of providing great breathability and comfort.
                         Aramid SAPs-- Made of Twaron UD--One of World's Finest Ballistic Aramid Material with much better performance than normal K29 thread made UD.
Color:             Available with White or Black Carrier.
Note: HP White Lab Test results were based on Samples submitted in 2013 for 30 layers construction, the latest test performed in 2017 was done by BMT , Australia. Our panel now require only 26 layers to do the job, this is over 13% weight reduction, in addition to that, we now have 23 layers version for ultra light weight purpose users or 29 layers version for restrict back face signature requirements (Both are available for mass order only) please see more details in our live ballistic testing videos below.  
26 layers standard version testing video
Canadian customer's testing video
29 layers trauma requirement testing video
23 layers ultra light weight requirement testing video